Making a decision about the material to use for your dream home may seem daunting, but when you choose bricks, you can be reassured that you are selecting a product that has stood the test of time and provides an abundance of benefits. Learn more by calling Pereira Construction at 516-528-3904! We specialize in brick walls, steps, patios, and stucco.



Concrete lasts decades longer than alternative building materials, and actually gets stronger over time. Concrete doesn’t burn, rust, or rot. It is resistant to fire, wind, water, vibrations, and earthquakes, keeping people safer and reducing costs. Find out more about concrete by calling Pereira Construction at 516-528-3904! We specialize in sidewalks, driveways, flatwork, and curbs.



A notable feature of natural stonework as a construction material is its ability to resist heat and fire. Therefore, this is a fireproof material that can be used for splash backs or as wall and floor tiling in order to delay any potential fires from spreading. Call Pereira Construction today and consult with one of our experts 516-528-3904! We specialize in walls, steps, patios and bluestone.

Bluestone work


Amityville has some extreme weather changes and elements that can cause significant damage to your home or business over time. Power washing is a simple, cost-effective way to maintain your home or business and protect it from the dirt, grime, mold, and stains that the seasons can cause. Call Pereira Construction today to book your power washing service 516-528-3904!


​Unlike what you may see on television, demolition is more than picking up a sledgehammer and hitting a wall. Hitting through a wall in the wrong place can be dangerous as you can break water pipes or gas lines.  Our professional demolition contractors in Amityville are experienced and use the right equipment, and are capable of handling both commercial and residential demolition. For a free estimate, call Pereira Construction today 516-528-3904!

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